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Online registration and user sign in

Settings and rules of the competition can easily be changed / Unlimited number of competitions / Dashboard of the meetings / Adaptable calendar of terms / Editing participants’ status


Systematic communication of the participants

Real time input of participants’ results / Automatic program-editing of the participants / Challenge function / “Freeze” player’s status

Organize a ladders or a competition when you want it

You didn't organize competition because you didn't have enough time, information, opportunities, or help… TennisCorner program can help you.

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Program is free for clubs-1kn!

After the use of the program you can decide if Tenniscorner is the right for you


You decide who and when a participant is playing and other settings

Several dozen competition settings according to Your needs. Automated lots, player engagement and exclusion, challenges, yellow cards, statistics and more!



What do they say about us

"You need to edit the user's list and that's it. The functions are automated and we don’t need to spend much time on leading the competition and our users are satisfied. "
"For 10 kuna pro Month I can play in several ladders. A lot of players, simple usage on mobile phone"
"I can play in my club and in Zagreb's ladders. When I cannot play, I log out without any complications :)"
An example of a Tenniscorner draw

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